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I created Wild + Well as a space for people who feel they aren't thriving in their lives to come and change that.

I spent my twenties living my best life- working in amazing locations including Madagascar, Italy, Greece and my homeland, Cornwall.  

I have always chosen roles that involve close work with people (and, by coincidence, are in close proximity to the beach) and when I came back from work in Madagascar I realised my passion was people and their health.

I spent the next 10 years gathering knowledge. I studied counselling and achieved 2 post grad qualifications from University of Exeter in Environment and Human Health and Health and Wellbeing. These studies and a UCL course in Health Training gave me a solid understanding in how to help people live well. It taught me the importance of time in nature, rest and movement, connection, creativity and good nutrition in order for people to be thriving in their lives with well bodies and minds. It also taught me how to help people change their behaviour to get there.  

For the past 5 years I have been volunteering and working with people using lifestyle interventions to improve their mental and physical health in measureable and life changing ways.

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